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Smart Cards - What's the best method of print for you?

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Smart Cards - What's the best method of print for you?

When it comes to producing a smart card, it’s essential to ensure that your card is created so that it represents your business in the most valuable way. So, how can you represent the value of your business within your Smart Cards? It all starts with the method of printing chosen.

The First Steps to a Seamless Brand Image

Prior to choosing your method of printing, it’s a good idea to consider a few questions that can help you make the right decision. For example, what does your business prioritise most? Perhaps it is a low-cost solution to your Smart Card needs, others may feel that it is imperative that the card is durable and long lasting so that their investment can be protected for as long as possible. Worth considering is also whether your artwork is black and white, contains fine detail or is rich and colourful. These important questions can you help you to sift through the various print method options so that you are left with the best-suited method of printing for your business.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a clearer view of what you need your card to deliver on, it’s time to choose the method of printing that will help you to achieve it. At ID Cards Direct, we exceedingly pride ourselves on offering specialist print methods including:

Dye-Sublimation Printing

Specifically designed to swiftly print and personalise cards at low-cost but incredible quality, dye-sublimation card printers use a print head that prints through the ribbon and directly onto the card. The Dye-Sublimation Printing process, also known as Direct-To-Card printing, is a fantastic choice for the business who needs to rely on long-lasting ID Cards. If it is likely that the ID Cards will be used in harsher environments, it is a comfort to know that this print method provides an overcoat to the card which essentially acts as a thin layer that protects from discoloration and also makes the card water-resistant. It is worth noting that if it is a personalised card your business requires, dye-sublimation print technology allows for a range of options and accurate colour reproduction based on the fact the print head can apply heat to the ribbon at different temperatures at specified locations, producing accurate personalised prints as well as fantastic depth of colour. These powerful machines are developed to be able to create durable Smart Cards, always without compromising quality or ability to capture the miniscule details that are all important in creating that uniform, trustworthy brand image.

Re-Transfer Printing

This print technology is made for the business that needs true edge-to-edge printing, a fantastic way to create a sleek and polished design for your Smart Card. In addition to this, re-transfer printing produces superior image quality in comparison to other methods of Smart Card printing, all whilst eliminating the white border that is left by dye sublimation printers. This is a particularly impressive key feature of Re-Transfer Printing due to the fact that conventionally, Card Printers have not been able to produce edge-to-edge printed cards as doing so would damage the printhead. Added to this, Re-Transfer Printing uses a flexible film coat that is thermally bonded to the card, therefore it offers an elevated level of security against fraud and is more unfailingly hard-wearing and scratch-resistant. This slim film also adds to the overall hardiness of the ID card, the image is covered as it comes into contact with card readers, wallets, ID Card Holder Accessories and anything else.

Summing Up

Whilst Retransfer Printing may offer powerful flexibility in card design, crisper print outs and features including edge-to-edge printing and the ability to add a flexible film coat, Dye-Sublimation printing may be the right choice if you are looking for an even more low-cost solution than Retransfer Printing whilst still producing great quality prints.

After thorough consideration of what your brand really requires from a Smart Card, the overall key design features and which method of print technology is most equipped to be able to help you in that area, we hope that you are confident in the method of printing you choose! But of course, if you feel that you would benefit from speaking to our team of specialists here at ID Cards Direct we are more than happy to help you pick the best option based on your requirements. Simply contact us!.

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