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Where are ID cards used?

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Where are ID cards used?

ID cards are some of the most versatile and important tools used by a huge range of businesses today. From security to data collection, the various uses of ID cards mean that they are an asset within every industry, and could be an integral part of your business too.

Where are ID cards used?

Due to the many different ID card applications, almost every business could see great benefits from introducing ID cards within their staff and/or customer base - below are some examples of how businesses within various different industries can benefit from their use:


Most educational facilities will have a great number of people moving about their facilities every day. Students, teaching staff, maintenance workers, administrative officers, and others all play a role in keeping these institutions running, but keeping track of who is coming in and out can pose a great challenge and a potential security risk. ID cards ensure that only approved staff or students can enter the facility, ensuring the safety of everyone on site. In addition to this, ID cards can be used to control who has access to certain parts of the building - for example, preventing a student from accessing staff-only areas such as kitchens or offices.

Hotels and hospitality

When welcoming customers to a hotel or other hospitality-based establishment, it is important to keep their comfort and convenience in mind to ensure they will keep coming back for more. An ID card can be a great help with this, as they can be used as key cards for visitors, allowing them access to their rooms whilst providing them with peace of mind knowing that their space is secure. They can also be used to provide access to other facilities that the establishment might provide, such as a spa, restaurant, or lounge, and can even be used to keep track of a bar tab, which greatly improves convenience for both staff and customers since it limits the use and handling of cash.


In healthcare settings, the safety and security of both staff and patients are of utmost importance. ID cards can be used here as a means of identifying individuals who may move throughout the building, ensuring that only those who have approved access can get into sensitive sections of the facility. They can be used to identify someone's role within the building, such as a doctor or nurse, and offer a quick way to distinguish between patients, visitors, and staff.

Small and medium-sized businesses

In any industry, it is important to ensure that staff and approved visitors are easily able to access their work and office spaces, as well as ensure that those spaces and the sensitive information and equipment they may contain are kept secure. ID cards ensure ease of access and security for any workspace, whether that be an office, workshop, or anywhere else.


Many transport systems now use electronic travel cards as a way to reduce the need for handling cash and offer customers a more seamless journey. ID cards can be used as travel cards, and can also be used with an ID photo to protect against loss or theft. They can help identify individuals who might qualify for certain discounts, such as students or senior citizens, and ensure that these discounts are being used correctly, as an individual can be easily verified against their ID card photo.


ID cards in the retail industry can be used as loyalty cards for customers, allowing them to accrue points and unlock potential offers. These incentives build customer loyalty and entice them to return to the business, which helps to grow a solid customer base that will help any business generate more profits. In a similar way, ID cards can also be used as membership cards, allowing dedicated customers to access benefits offered by the business.

In addition to the industries mentioned above, ID cards have endless uses within industries such as entertainment, nightlife, festivals, charities, and more - no matter where or how your business operates, you will without a doubt benefit from introducing ID cards into your systems.

Want to find out more about ID cards and how you can implement them into your organisation? Speak to the team at ID Cards Direct today.