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CardExchange Visitor Software gives your organisation the facility to manage control of visitors whilst also reducing security risks. How does it do this? With the capability of registering visitors, authorising entry, managing who is visiting and then tracking visitors you can substantially reduce risks such as unauthorised visitors within your building. This feature-packed CardExchange Visitor Software can be employed with minimal training since it has been designed with such an easy-to-navigate user interface, which mimics a Microsoft look. + Read More

Through CardExchange Visitor Software you can lessen visitor back-log, keep control of several kinds of traffic by categorising the role of your visitors, you are able to manage your organisations events and also create a list for guests who are no longer authorised to enter the building. Yes, from the very minute that a new visitor enters into a building, CardExchange Visitor Software gets to work to identify, authorise and then you are able to produce a badge that will track their entry or exit. In fact, your business could be creating faultless visitor badges in no time at all, CardExchange Visitor Software includes a badge designer for just this task.

Built in order to provide a scalable visitor management system for your developing business, invest in CardExchange Visitor Software and feel confident that as your particular business needs grow larger this software can and will adapt to your needs.

Need any more information before making your choice on an edition of CardExchange Visitor Software? We are always here and happy to help you get the most appropriate solution for your organisation !

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