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Existing in both contact and contactless varieties, ACS Readers could be bringing countless benefits to your business promptly! These solutions are often used in Access Control, Cashless Vending as well as logical access. ACS Readers are developed in order to provide a high-quality solution based upon industry standards such as PC/SC, so are of trusted quality for your business. In a world where contactless applications are in growing demand, ACS offers the right solutions to address the needs of your company and we here at ID Cards Direct always ensure that you get these solutions at the most affordable price. + Read More

One of the most outstanding features of ACS Readers are the accessibility they offer due to their compact forms, with added NFC to various readers, you can manage access control easily as the readers are portable and easy to employ wherever you need them. At ID Cards Direct we pride ourselves on the fact we only ever offer superior quality solutions because we know that great quality products reflect the quality of your business.

Unsure whether an ACS Reader is the solution that you need? Simply get in touch today and a member of our team will be glad to help in any way possible.

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