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EM Microelectronic

EM Microelectronic

EM Microelectronics have for over 35 years been at the forefront of design and innovation within the contactless card branch of Smart Cards. Particularly, within the design of IC processing Analog and Digital Signals simultaneously. This research and design have lead EM Microelectronics to be a leading choice for cards such as RFID Cards and Smart Cards IC’s and this array have been popularly used within applications such as Access Control and authentication. How could your business use EM Microelectronics for Access Control? One use for such cards could be a hands-free way to monitor your workforce’s attendance and timing. This can save the laborious task of doing this manually, and in doing so also save you the cost of a member of staff’s time. p>

Added to the impressive capabilities of EM Microelectronics technology is the devotion to superior quality that they give to all of their cards. In doing so, the range of cards available for you to browse here at ID Cards Direct today have been optimised in order to most fully incorporate all of the durable features of a Smart Card so that the user gets the very maximum return on investment + Read More

Unconvinced as to whether EM Microelectronic’s products are for you? A member of ID Card Direct Team are waiting to help make sure you get the best-suited solution for you. Just contact us today!

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