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SwiftProx Proximity Wristband

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Manufactured with premium silicone, these SwiftProx Wristbands provide the same functionality as the cards, now in a convenient, wearable, waterproof form.

Specially designed to maximise read range, whilst also providing an easy-to-use and stylish solution which can fit seamlessly into any business.

For added protection, the chips contained within these wristbands have been entirely encased within a moulded plastic enclosure that has been ultrasonically welded shut. This manufacturing process makes the SwiftProx Wristbands long-lasting, whilst also ensuring that they are suitable for use in harsher environments.

Due to their similarity to HID Prox technology, these SwiftProx Wristbands can be used in a variety of instances where HID Prox is currently used, including access control or attendence tracking. 

When programmed with the same format & site code, your systems will not be able to detect any difference between HID or SwiftProx, cards, or wristbands, so the choice comes down to preference.

Because of their security and reliability, they are a perfect choice for the business looking to implement physical access within their business. In addition to this, you can benefit from even more straightforward implementation within your business due to the fact that these SwiftProx Wristbands are compatible with a wide variety of 125kHz reader systems. For industry-leading quality at affordable pricing, SwiftProx Wristbands are a great choice.

Format Options

All bands will have a pre-defined format which you will need to enter in the field 'Format Options' to the right. If you are unsure please check the label on your last carton of cards where the format is normally listed.

Site/Facility Code:

These bands generally contain a facility code that you will need to enter in the appropriate field labelled 'Site/Facility Code'. Formats exempt from this requirement are specified in the dropdown options. If you are unsure please check the label on your last carton of cards where this will be listed.

Encoded Start Number

Enter the required starti number for the programming of your bands (where applicable), taking care to avoid any duplication or overlap with previous batches

Checking Your Order

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information is correct before checking out. Each order is custom produced to your needs so we are unable to re-use the bands if you send them back to us.

Product Category Wristbands
Brand SwiftProx
Frequency 125 kHz
Form Factor Wristband
Material Silicone
Shape Oval Head
Wristband Diameter 65mm
Size Medium

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