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ID Cards Direct Launches GreenID Initiative for World Earth Day: Planting a Tree for Every Eco-Friendly Product Purchased

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ID Cards Direct Launches GreenID Initiative for World Earth Day: Planting a Tree for Every Eco-Friendly Product Purchased

In its latest step towards corporate sustainability, ID Cards Direct, a leading provider of ID cards and accessories, announces the launch of its new environmental initiative. Starting today, to coincide with World Earth Day, the company will plant a tree for every order where an eco-friendly product is purchased, reaffirming its commitment to environmental conservation and promoting the purchase of greener alternatives to traditional ID cards and accessories. 

The new initiative, named ‘GreenID’, aims to mitigate the environmental impact of ID Cards Direct and its customers, by supporting reforestation projects around the world and promoting greener alternatives to traditional virgin plastic-based ID products. For every ID card, lanyard, badge holder, or other product in their eco-friendly range sold, the company will partner with tree-nation to plant a tree, contributing to global efforts to combat deforestation and climate change.

"We recognise the importance of our corporate responsibility, as well as that of our customers, in addressing environmental challenges," said Sophie Buchanan, General Manager at ID Cards Direct. "With the launch of our GreenID initiative, we are taking proactive steps to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable business practices. By planting a tree for every order where eco-friendly products are purchased, we can support our customers in supporting reforestation and environmental conservation. This approach encourages businesses to buy products that are more environmentally friendly, and contribute to a great environmental cause at the same time."

By investing in reforestation projects, the company aims to offset the carbon emissions associated with its operations and contribute to the restoration of vital forest ecosystems, at the same time as promoting the purchase of its more environmentally friendly products. This doubles down on the ‘Green’ impact of the campaign. 

The GreenID initiative aligns with ID Cards Direct's wider commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. In addition to planting trees, the company has implemented various environmentally friendly practices, including using recycled materials in their products, reducing waste in their supply chain, and promoting energy efficiency in their operations where possible.

Customers purchasing products from ID Cards Direct can now support reforestation efforts with every order of products in the eco-friendly range, knowing that their purchase will meet their identification needs whilst also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. 

For more information about ID Cards Direct's GreenID initiative, the range of eco-friendly products available and their commitment to sustainability, please visit or contact [email protected].


For media inquiries or further information, contact:

Sophie Buchanan
General Manager
ID Cards Direct Limited
Phone: +44 (0) 333 577 6767
Email: [email protected]